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Old 06-19-2015, 08:10 PM
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Originally Posted by OntarioDaddy View Post
I didn't realize in Quebec, fathers are simply kicked out of the house and given a few hours access to their kids for no other reason than their manhood.

I'm starting to see how the system's biased now.
You are joking but a big negative about Qc is that by default one of the parents will get kicked out of the house as soon as the other one files and asks the judge for exclusive possession of the home. The SAHM gets possession you get kicked out since you have nowhere to stay you only get your kids for a few hours in the meanwhile you basically give your entire pay cheque to your ex wife and you live off the charity of others. I got 48hrs notice so I wouldn't interfere with my ex wifes sexting for too long. This lasts about 14 months in my case and honestly that wasn't the worst part of it

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Old 06-20-2015, 12:10 AM
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I don,t think anyone here has suggested not to have this court order changed. I totally suggest to change it, I am all for court, its just the costs and the time. When I suggest to let the system play itself out I totally expect an order and would bet on it going Harrold's way. Just there are 2 ways to go through the system. Force your way through or be dragged through.
All who believe there will be consequences for the PA, or the breach of order in this case with the info we have to work with are niave. For 1 case you can show this there must be countless that do not.
That,s all I,m saying, I know my ex got away with murder. You simply could not punish her without punishing the children so, no costs, not with our money, no jail time. Nothing.
Links was thrown out by sounds like a very harsh cold cookie cutter order. Here in Ontario it only happens just by way of cookie cutting Restraining Order, fast and efficient, and women will most always have one, you know what I mean, you all know. Playing dirty will reward you the most, playing fairly may reward you quite fair, knowing your enemy will help you to achieve your goals regardless of the path you choose.

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Old 06-27-2015, 07:52 PM
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I think that the question posed was very valid, considering the uncharted waters I was getting into at the time. I was freaked out a bit with police at the door etc.

There does seem to be an obvious change however as I understand it now, a legal change as children reach 14, 15 and ultimately 16 with the power to emancipate.

For others in my situation, that is a situation where the legal system has been used in what can be described as an unjust way, manipulated in a way that is not always in the best interest of the child, (Yes don't have blind faith that the legal system will be fair.) have heart in the fact that things can swing back eventually as the children have more power and play a bigger role in the equation.

It may or may not result in court action but likely not when the child is telling the OP that is what they want. At younger ages unfortunately you are at the mercy of the legal system and hopefully things turn out fair for you.

I'll wait a year and then go to court to make it official, self rep'd if I can't afford the legal fees. BTW: If the OP does not try to do something legally right away they look very bad in court and that weakens their case.

I have a feeling that the posters advising to litigate first are the ones who can relate more to my ex in this situation? In other words you are happy with the status quo

My situation involves trying to change the status quo (Yes the one now in an Order). It's not so simple to just go to court and ask to have the status quo changed. Especially when you are up against a good lawyer.

I appreciate all the posts and by the way could not care less about any of your spelling mistakes.
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