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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by Pursuinghappiness View Post
Well because she's afraid to verbally tell him things because he usually loses his mind on her. They don't "talk"...she states things, he freaks out, and she goes and hides in her room or ends up crying. She HATES having to tell him anything that might cause him to blow up at her.

That's interesting but doesn't address the issues that my daughter is having with her father.

I never said my ex was evil. I very clearly stated that he has extreme anger issues and vents it upon our kid. My daughter stands up to him but she shouldn't have to. Your situation has NOTHING to do with mine.

My daughter's father has been going through a difficult time for 30 years...however, this isn't about him....its about her and what she needs which he isn't providing. At this point, how he feels isn't the issue, its how he acts. There are plenty of times that I have bad days or bad times and don't freak out on my kids.

If you think the criteria for fatherhood isn't being a drug addict or criminal, I think that's a pretty low bar. He has had an on and off history of verbal abuse with my daughter to the point that I consider it an absolute blessing that she hasn't suffered more serious consequences. Maybe you don't get that but it doesn't matter what you get. Parents have a standard to live up to.

And for the last time, he is NOT moving to the States to be closer to my daughter. He will be no closer in distance because he is moving north in Michigan and I am moving to Ohio. Timewise, it would be faster for him to drive from where we are in Canada. He is moving because he is from there and spends copious time with his family and wants to live there....and has always wanted to live there.

Thanks for clarifying. I understand your situation a little better now. Sounds like he's really shooting himself in the foot by not moving to Ohio and rather North Michigan. Or as a better first step, taking some parenting courses.
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