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trinton 05-09-2017 09:36 AM

just showing up at the school to pick-up kids
basically there are ongoing tensions with both parents and with babysitter herself. other parent is forcing exchanges to happen at babysitters. She shows up with her mom and sisters and synchronizes with babysitter to come out of her home the second they arrive. I think they text each other. The exchanges are extremely unhealthy and child is not even at daycare. Makes no sense for exchanges to happen there when my schedule allows for pick up from school on those days.

anyways, the order says I MUST have a mid-week visit. If we can't agree on pick up time or location, does it not make sense for me to just get the child from school? The other parent is obviously going to say no and if I give her notice then she will just show up at school and block access. She presently has a very large dildo up her ass so cooperation is at minus 9000.

Anyway, just wanted to hear what everyone here has to say.

Tayken 05-09-2017 09:45 AM

If it is truly in the best interests of the child then pickup the child at school. A judge won't smack you for doing what is right. Furthermore, with conflict like you are explaining it is best to remove the child from it.

Soiled 05-09-2017 10:07 AM

My concern is that currently the optics of it are such that it makes her look bad, difficult, unreasonable, etc. Which is in your favor for any court actions that come up.

If its already a bad scene occurring at the daycares place, picking up your child will probably solve the issue the first time you do it, when it takes the mother by surprise. The question that you have to ask before starting this though, is what is going to happen the next week when you go to do the same? If things get nasty at the school, in full view of the public, the school will likely end up getting involved, and your solution no longer removes the child from conflict, but instead has escalated it.

You know your ex better than anyone here and would be the best one to judge how she will react and if it will escalate things.

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