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freckles1234 08-06-2017 02:32 PM

Intent to Disobey court order
My ex and I came to an agreement in December 2016 and filed with the court January 2017 and made into an order. The order states that each child will be permitted 1 extracurricular and will attend all practices/events regardless of who's time it is. My daughter 9 has been in cheer for 2 years now. She does it competitive. I pay all expenses and bring her to all practices regardless of who's time it is... I pick her up and bring her on her mom's weeks.

Aug 30/31, she has her choreography camp. This is mandatory as this is when they do their routine for the competition season. If you miss this camp, you are not in the routine and removed from the team. This happens to fall on mom's week.

Her mom told me she is planning to be 3 hours away even though she was told about this camp back in June. I offered to switch weeks, she said no. I said fine send me the address, I will pick her up on the 30 and bring her back the 31st at night. She said no. She is flat out refusing her to go to this camp.

Now my question. Yes I know cheer isn't the end of the world however my daughter is devastated that she isn't going. So, am I able to file a motion before she actually breaks the order to ensure she attends? Will a judge just laugh me out of the courtroom because it isn't life or death?

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