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trinton 05-16-2017 03:35 PM

Insurance Benefits Responsibility where both parties have benefits
Insurance benefits typically require the person with earlier birthday to make claims first.

I don't believe OP has benefits at this point but is on welfare. Anyone familiar with insurance benefit policies ? Is welfare seen the same as a company insurance benefits ? That is, would OP have to make claims on welfare before using benefits through me ?

motherbear4 05-16-2017 06:52 PM

My ex's niece was on welfare years ago. She was young, so no working father to claim benefits through. I am not sure if things have changed, but every month with her notice of payment, she would receive a health card for her child. This health card had to be presented at the time of purchase to receive the benefit. Receipts are not submitted to welfare and then reimbursed. So, my answer would be no, it does not work the same as two parents with insurance plans through their work because the benefit was "paid" immediately. I would guess that you can submit any receipts you may have without the hassle of involving your ex because of the birthday rule.

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