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Old 08-12-2015, 10:47 PM
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Default Information I recieved today and next steps?

CAS came out to meet with me today. They have been involved in this case for a few months, although no one is on contract they have just been doing an investigation as my ex keeps filing complaints and accusations, and my daughter's counselor's called regarding abuse my daughter disclosed against the other party.

So when they came out today they stated that they are in support of my daughter staying in my care, but that they are no longer writing a letter of support for my case, they are now filing a protection motion and asking that mom have no access.

How will this impact me.

I know that their case will override mine but will I have the chance to still ask for things such as the termination of my child support and temporary sole custody?

I am still paying mom child support even though I have had my daughter because the judges kept putting it off to our next court date.

I really would like sole and not shared even if mom isn't seeing daughter because she needs services to be put into place and since mom opposes them if I don't have sole I can't move forward with them.

Since they are doing the protection order against mom but I have child will I still get served copies. Mom has already been informed by CAS in person at the office but not the paperwork yet.

There are still 2 outstanding dates in my current case do I still attend or are they cancelled right away?

I know most on here will not have dealt with this but I can't seem to find the information online so thought I would ask.
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Old 08-12-2015, 11:08 PM
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So the Counselor reported abuse by OP towards your daughter. They called CAS .. and they're bringing a motion for Child Protection.

You guys have 30 days after you get the CAS court paper to fill out a Plan of Care (33B.1) and send it to everyone involved. Even if they dont write a letter of support you can obtain their investigation notes with a 14B, which should give you all you need.

Although .. why the heck wont they write a letter of support? This new abuse sounds significant if CAS is going the distance. Or just sick of your ex's actions. Why not a letter to help your case? .. Maybe a technicality. I've never been through this type of CAS situation.

Yes, you will still get served copies. Onus is on OP to serve you with doc's.

Can you call the court house and see if your court dates are still a go? Interesting indeed .. CAS protection case and simultaneous messy custody case. Which takes precedence? Well .. if the court says court dates are a go .. GO.

Have you asked CAS if you still proceed with your other case?

You may find this useful:

What You Should Know About Child Protection Court Cases - Ministry of the Attorney General
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Old 08-12-2015, 11:41 PM
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I should clarify they are saying that thy support me completely, just that they feel the situation is to extreme to have access with mom, so instead of just writing a letter of support they are doing the protection and staying involved.
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