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NoProblemsHere 06-13-2017 11:00 AM

Hello my new friends! A 6 year case comes to a temporary end
Just thought I'd summarize for my new friends:

* 2 removals (I call them kidnappings, OCL refused to use that terminology)
* 12 months of threats and stalking (the OCL rejected the evidence of threats and stalking - recorded evidence)
* A complete refusal to care for the children, followed by an intense desire to care for the children
* Multiple violations of final court orders
* Visitation denial
* Oh I forgot about this: a false allegation that had me arrested (dropped for a peace bond.)

In the end, I don't pay her very much (I make it in a few hours) and the majority of the money goes directly to the kids via their school, which is fine for me. No spousal support paid after she asked me to quit a job to take care of the kids. We never went to trial.

I have custody of the boy, she of the girl, and the boy goes back and forth between the homes.

All in all, I'm pretty happy.

But let me tell you, it wasn't easy. The stalking, the threats, the police involvement, it was nerve wracking. The kidnappings, attempting to maintain my relationship with the kids, it was hard work. My daughter still adores me, but the alienation forces her to avoid contact with me. I know that once she is grown, she will come back.

I am out on top, in the sense that even though my relationship with my daughter has been effectively destroyed, I know that I did nothing wrong and my conscience lets me sleep at night. The EX is stupid enough to think I want to engage with her :D

I am happy, not because I am done with it, but because there was no other outcome. I am happy because I am happy and nothing she can do with respect to me or the kids can take that away from me.

All the best to you going through this.

PS: I fully expect to be here in a few months asking for advice because crazy ex did something crazy.

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