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lizlemon 06-05-2017 01:32 PM

FRO ..and the crap it creates.
So awhile back , I think it was Nov , FRO was trying to say my husband owed arrears in the $22, 000 range , he didn't and we showed all proof of child support payments. He had a federal garnishment enforcement put on him and a bad credit mark on his credit score. He ended up having to pay $1800.00 in arrears which we are still trying to figure out where that came from but it's paid.

And he is and always has been up to date on his monthly support. We are ahead right now actually with FRO. But still the federal garnishment remains and the black mark on his credit. Makes it terribly hard to get anything done with the bank regarding our family business so he can actually pay his support. Multiple calls to his worker prove nothing because we never get a call back. Just venting. I wrote a lengthy letter to a few government officials regarding our troubles. Hopefully we hear something back soon.

rockscan 06-05-2017 02:06 PM

You can file a request for the file contents under the privacy act.

He may also want to call FRO back and request to speak to a supervisor not his case worker.
Requesting the file will show everything in it. He can also request a statement of arrears/account.

lizlemon 06-05-2017 02:34 PM

Thanks Rockscan. I faxed and mailed out all of that this morning (requesting it) also I just received an email from the Deputy Minister Susan Erwin. Looks promising.

rockscan 06-05-2017 02:44 PM

They are a shit show for sure. My partner is waiting on a proper statement of account from them and to set up online registration. Cant wait to see if theres something in the mail!!

trinton 06-05-2017 02:55 PM

FRO is just as problematic as our children protection agencies and the Office of the Children's Lawyers. The courts are very aware of these agencies and all of the problems they cause upon the citizens. You've done the right thing to send out a letter. Make sure you send to the Ministry of Attorney General - they oversee the FRO.

If you must, you may be able to bring a motion against them and possibly seek costs for damages as a result of their incompetence.

arabian 06-05-2017 07:45 PM

I believe the correct process is to go through the Ombudsman.

Stillbreathing 06-05-2017 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by arabian (Post 221295)
I believe the correct process is to go through the Ombudsman.

File a complaint with the Ontario Ombudsman. I'm on the receiving end of FRO. My STBX has never once been on time with his payments, he has stopped payments and unilaterally reduced his payments, telling FRO he went to court in secret without notifying my lawyer or myself and had the support payments reduced in half. They do not return your calls. One time I sat and redialed their number for three hours in a row. No answer. Extremely frustrating to deal with. Refused to go after him for support arrears. Said he was making an effort and he had to be 4 months in arrears before they would even give him a call much less send him a letter. When I contacted the Ontario Ombudsman they made them go after him immediately. Good luck.

lizlemon 06-06-2017 09:51 AM

We have went to the Ombudsman , First thing we did. While it was was not helpful enough.

arabian 06-06-2017 10:46 AM

The federal government garnishment will likely stay in place indefinitely. They will only take money (tax returns, HST/GST refunds, etc.) as long as FRO determines he is in arrears. When he is not in arrears the garnishment still stays. Same with the report to the credit agency. This "mark" on credit shouldn't be a big deal if the rest of your credit rating is good.

Going through the Ombudsman is a very long process. They would likely have requested to see your letter to the Director of FRO along with the letter you received back from FRO before they would open a file for you. You have to convince them that FRO was administratively unfair in their decisions.

If you feel FRO is incorrect in their calculations, and you have done everything including but not limited to writing a letter to the Director of FRO, then your next step would be to amass your documentation and go to court.

lizlemon 06-06-2017 12:52 PM

I understand what you are saying. He shouldn't of been written in arrears to begin with , so the false claims on his credit and garnishment is not fair. (as if anything is ..) Any bad mark on credit is a big deal to me? It shouldn't be there in the first place. Thanks for your insight though. It helps.

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