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lizlemon 08-22-2017 12:31 PM

Discontinue Enforcement of ongoing support (fro)
My husband sent in the form for discontinuing ongoing support in June. His daughter is 19 and he has no proof if she is going to school or if she has been to school. Separation Agreement states support ends at 18 or after a two year diploma or degree, no idea if she ever went to school as there is no contact after him trying and trying to get info.

Today he gets a letter in the mail stating that support will continue because the recipient does not agree to stop support. So where's the proof of the schooling? Did she show it to fro? Shouldn't my husband also see the proof? Just curious how that works. Thanks.

rockscan 08-22-2017 01:01 PM

I would have him call his case worker.

In the meantime he will need to file a motion to stop support. He could start by sending his ex an email requesting proof kid is in school. Should she fail to provide it by september 1, he will be filing with the courts to stop support.

He should start the paperwork though too and when he contacts FRO, advise them he is filing court papers.

lizlemon 08-22-2017 01:08 PM

Thank you. He has sent two registered letters to her and he has asked for proof , she ignores him. I'll advise to send another, stating he will be filing with the courts.

lizlemon 08-22-2017 01:12 PM

Please don't think I am asking stupid questions. I'm just trying to get all the accurate information for him. Does he ask h is case worker where the proof is? And in the next letter he sends the recipient , would someone help me word it?


rockscan 08-22-2017 01:32 PM

If she has ignored his previous requests then he needs to just file the motion.

He can request the proof from his file. Im not sure if they are obligated to provide it but he should still ask. If they refuse, contact the ombudsperson and log the complaint.

Start the motion, if he is absolutely sure kid isnt in school it could take months to get through the court system.

m-chan68 08-22-2017 09:47 PM

He needs to act on this motion AT ONCE without delay. Any emails to the ex should be kept in an email folder, ready to be printed off as proof of attempts to communicate. Copies of all attempts to clarify this issue (email attempts to ex, faxes and letters to and from FRO etc.) should be attached to the appropriate papers when filing your motion to terminate. If upon commencing this process it is found out your daughter is still in school full time, you should look into asking for your costs to bring this motion.

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