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katcar 08-18-2017 02:42 PM

change in access
I have never seen this posted before, My daughter and ex bf have 2 boys, they signed court order with joint custody and access 6 months ago, in the order he gets the boys 3 weekends in a row with the middle weekend only being the full day Saturday and then 1 - 2 days or nights during the week depending on his shift at work he is on. He has now said he cannot commit this much and wants it to change to just every other weekend and that's it. Should she go back to have the court order changed, if she doesn't does it matter that they do not follow the existing one?

standing on the sidelines 08-18-2017 03:15 PM

I would have the current court order changed. If he consents to the change (considering he asked for it) then it shouldnt be to hard. It is just better to have the change documented for CS and tax benefits. I am not sure if there has to be a certain amount of time that passes between the current order and wanting to change it.

Why a parent would want a change from 50/50 and cut back on when they see their kids because it isnt convenient for them is mind boggling.

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