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Chris100 09-14-2017 10:04 AM

18 year old daughter gone to university
Hello friends, I'm new here and I have a question for you. My daughter has started university this month and I do pay child support for her. I wanted to know when she is done in April or May and goes back home to live with her mom , do I still pay for support? She lives on campus in London and I don't have a problem paying for her when she is in school but when she goes home for 4 months and school is on a break, do I still pay? Or do I start paying again when she goes back in September again? Thank you.

rockscan 09-14-2017 10:49 AM

You shouldnt be paying child support while she is away at school as you contribute to her living expenses as section 7. You do pay child support while she is at home during the summer.

Alternatively, if you pay cs throughout the year you can advise your ex you will not be contributing to the living/food expenses.

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