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Jeff 12-05-2005 12:13 AM

Legal Help
I am a big believer in self-help for people going through a divorce, and these forums are here to support that belief.

However, it is important that if you are separating you meet with a lawyer to get an overview of your situation, your legal rights and obligations, the different procedures you might follow, and what legal options you have.

I also believe that a paid consultation with a lawyer is the best way to go, as there's no such thing as a free lunch.

However, I realize that lawyers are expensive. If you meet certain income qualifications, in Ontario you may qualify for legal aid. The toll-free number for Legal Aid Ontario is 1-800-668-8258.

As well, in Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada provides a Lawyer Referral Service. This service will refer you to a lawyer who will provide you with a half-hour consultation for $6.00 (charged to your phone bill). Their number is 1-800-668-7380.

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