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pokeman 05-08-2015 04:08 PM

Emergency Protection Orders [EPO]
Emergency Protection Orders

Jonathan Denis breaks silence in exclusive Sun interview: his estranged wife, th

if you read the storey about the former Alberta Justice Minister you will see this individual (a man) just had to be accussed of domestic violence to cast shadows on his life, if you read my storey (also a man) you will see how even with an EPO your homeless in this great country of ours.

he read my storey, not so long ago I had warned in writing the then Justice Minister about EPO's and a broken Family Law system, I was granted an EPO against my wife who abuse me and my children. She simply got an Ex-Parte QB order for house/car/children/money and I was suddenly homeless. As the Calgary Police removed me from the home they told me to not be so childish filing EPO's.

No one cared about the violence against me, when the children and I were
"on the run" from violence I had taken them to tell Chilren's Services's
of their ordeal with their mother so once the EPO failed the children
were apprehended and placed in foster homes cause I was homeless.

I spent $100,000+ trying to protect my children in a system that only
understands domestic violence against 1 sex, eventually she got custody
and moved away all under the guise of the most broken Judge the lawyers
could find - I was the only man in the court room.

That's the justice fathers get everyday, if kids are involved you dad
are homeless and she gets the house, if your abused dad with EPO in
hand your still homeless.

The then Minister written response was "Thanks for sharing your experience with Alberta Family Law, here are some links to domestic violence sites ..."

worth framing don't you think , maybe he see's things different today ....

will be updating my testimony site with the
details , i urge fathers to read this site to understand what a "socialist"
system Family Law is and how it has no "justice".

peace out

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