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I can sympathize. I've been accused of sexually assaulting my son twice. Both times investigated by CAS and police - to which they concluded the accusations were unfounded.

I am currently scheduled for trial in criminal court for the second accusation of phyical viloence/threats to my ex. The first time costing me thousands in legal fees to defend, taking away valuable resources from me that could have otherwise been made available to my son. This time around after recently faced said previous criminal and even more recent family court proceedings - I lack the financial wherewithall to hire counsel to defend myself again.

All I can say is I am a man, and will hold my head high knowing I've never committed those acts. She can 'use the system' all she wants. Karma is a bitch and her malice will be returned upon her one day.

Until that day, I am content in the knowledge that I take the higher ground and will not seccumb to such petty tactics.

You can't control what others do - you can only control your own actions.
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