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The problem is that society is NOT just, and the mere accusation through nothing but hearsay used as a tactic in family court has life long consequences. Even if you are able to prove your innocence (the opposite of what our system is supposed to do), you can't undo the damage.

Believe me, I am not the same person I was a year ago after going through it. Being a great dad for now also means being able to legally defend my every action and choices, and it's sad that I have to live like this.

Being reunited with the children helped a lot, but I still struggle with the anxiety and depression fairly often.

That's the personal cost. There's more.

Certain career options, jobs that I used to do and loved, are closed to me now. My security clearance for my current job was put at risk though I managed to hang onto it. I was bypassed for promotions at work for a year while I struggled with it.

I had to pay lawyers and experts which put my already perilous financial future at risk considering the divorce had already cleaned me out.

And yeah, the people who made the accusations? They're doing just great.

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