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Question denying access

Originally Posted by lexicon
I have concerns about sending the children to their dad's this week-end
Lexy my daughter has come back from their dad's this past week-end and seems
hurt emotionally, she has said she wishes she was dead, I hate myself and wishes she could run away. All of which a 6 yr old wouldn't understand without someone filling her head with info. meaning my x has likely said to her
that he wishes he was dead b/c of what I ( mom ) have done to him. I have real concerns of him harming her emotionally for the rest of her life. I have never heard or seen this behaviour to this extent before. It makes me sad and angry for their dad to hurt his children in that way just to get back at me.
What steps could I take to protect my children?
This is the exact same dilemma I am now facing. I know my lawyer will say you can't breach the court order blah blah blah. I've told my d9 that she can call me and I will come get her if she needs to get away from her Dad.
Is CAS really the only answer?
So what if I go and rescue my d9 and s4 from him? what can he do?
what other options do I have?