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We did a reduced amount of child support since he was to be deployed off and on for a few years. But now that he is finished all that and able to fully access his 40% we will be going for an adjustment to CS using the offset amount.

I don't think she actually realizes that he has 40% because he has been paying a higher amount of CS than he should be for the amount of access time he can exercise.

So needless to say, when that application gets filed, all hell is going to break loose!!

Good point about lawyers and the offset method. When my husband was doing his settlement conference, both he and his ex were represented by lawyers and it wasn't even discussed.

Oh how I wish we had known about this forum then. My husband had a lawyer and he just assumed that she would know what was best. Looking back now, there were so many things that we were unaware of and we are so much more educated about now.

Even if you plan to use a lawyer I think it's best to educate yourself as much as you can. The lawyer works for you and they can't do things on your behalf unless you ask them to!
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