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First consider how weekends are to be split. Unless one of you works weekends, they should be split evenly. If not, then there are a lot more options e.g. the parent who works weekends gets every 3rd or 4th weekend, plus lots of mid-week access.

50-50 (3.5/7 overnights)
a) Alternate weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun overnights), and you get Mon/Tues overnight, she gets Weds/Thurs overnights (or v.v.). This is best if you cannot cooperate enough to arrange extracurricular activities that would otherwise fall on both you and her access days.
b) OR, just alternate weeks. Less back-and-forth, but requires more cooperation for extracurriculars.

43/57 (i.e. 3/7 overnights)
c) like a), but weekend handover on Saturday morning or Sunday evening (which sucks for any kind of traveling/activity, especially if you have heavy cottage-country traffic to deal with)

d) like a), but one of the weeknight accesses is only on alternate weeks. I can't see any benefit in this.

e) alternate weekends, plus one midweek overnight (that's almost 36%), plus LOTS of summer/xmas/easter/marchbreak time to bring you up to 40% overall.

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