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To me it seems there is a definite need for counselling. Children can be jealous of a new relationship (and sometimes the way they find out), but unless there is something fueling her to continue, she should have accepted it by now. This is a problem.

Your bf needs to be an adult (at least he finally has now) and let his daughter know that you are his gf and she does not get to decide that. He should be sensitive to her feelings, but explain how happy you are together, and that he wants her to get to know you so she can see how amazing you are too. If the daughter cant get past this, then she does need an unbiased party to help, and I suspect her mother's "opinions" may be having some effect here.

My daughter (5YO) was introduced to my bf after 6 weeks. Maybe it was easier because he also has a young daughter, but it didnt take too long (another 4 weeks) for her to fully accept that he would be part of her life, and a great addition. His daughter had an even easier time (like 2 weeks). I am worried that this is taking a long time, and he has been too indulgent of her. That is UNFAIR to you. Yes, his kid comes first, but not at the expense of your relationship, and not just becasue she has decided not to give you a chance.

I hope you realize that this position was not created by you, and that it should be YOUR decision whether you let this continue. Good Luck!