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Default Case Conference Info Request

Dear Logicalvelocity,

I have only asked the court for access at this time. Mainly because access was denied to me suddenly for over a month. I do plan to ask for custody at the case conference. I have to ask my lawyer to be sure. His focus also has been just to get me seeing my son again. We do have joint custody. How is it to my ex's advantage if there is no co-operation and very little effective communication?

The just gave a temporary order to the access regime until the case conference I would imagine. We also are ordered to not call each other or come closer than 1000M from each other's door. He said we needed a break from each other. I have looked after my son on my own many times for several hours at a time,also once overnight at my home.

Most of the times I watched him alone though were at the ex's house while she was at work. Their also have been numerous times spent alone with him at malls and parks. We have never lived together. Main reason is we never seemed to be able to get along without an argument for very long. The 8 year relationship should really have lasted less than a year. Then life went on and now we have a beautiful son together.

I really appreciate all the info and help you have given me. You have really gone out of your way. I am going to go over all the material and then submit it to my lawyer. I will keep you informed on how things progress. Case conference is scheduled for Aug 8/06.