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Question Case Conference Info Request

Ex girlfriend mad at me wouldn't let me see my son. After 1 month I had to take her to court to see him. The judge ruled I could see him 2 days a week for 3 hours. Exchange had to be at a Government location called Merry Mount. The judge had no other alternative since my ex would not allow exchanges at her House or anyone else she knew. I have been involved in my son's life since birth for approx 95% of his life. The six hour per week access is almost unbearable for me. I used to see him more than six hours per day. My ex is very vindictive and is putting our son in the middle of her anger toward me. My question is at the up coming case conference can this very short access of six hours weekly be changed and increased? I do have a legal aide lawyer who specializes in Family Law. But after only receiving a six hour access order I don't know if he is good or not. My ex has no lawyer.

Thanks for helping.