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you will have noticced I forgot to say..... what do you ask? On the new thread(s) ?? Everything you ask here!!!

If I want to divorce somebody 4years now who won't go thru with it - how do I get rid of him???? I want my divorce!!!

How do you get a divorce without lawyers? Is there a way to do it myself? (Ok that was a little too open ended!)

Is there a place i can go to learn how to self represent, lawyers have taken all my money and now after 4 years still no divorce!! HELP!!!!

I am in Saskatechewan, is there any one here who knows if there is any self help forums or info to help me get my divorce done myself?

How is that for a start? If you ask a short direct question you are more likely to get solid responses. Learn as you go and your questions will get more meat to them - then you will be cookin girl!!! The fella in AB won't know what hit him when your done! Obvious you didn't have the right lawyer IMHO because I would think it would be done by now. You are smart and determined? You can do this yourself if you are willing to really give iit your all, learn a ton and finally get the sytem to work for you.

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