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Well the initial process started in AB and my lawyer said for $1500 she could start another from here or I could get a divorce kit. Which is why I am assuming I can petition for divorce here.

If I have to travel back to AB to achieve my goal...then I will.

Though I don't understand..with my lawyer knowing full well the petition started in AB years ago..she would suggest that I file here.....

What questions do you suggest I re-ask to start another thread?

That sucks you have had a rough hang in there too!!

We still have a LONG life ahead of us..this is just a HUGE bump in the road. I'm good with that..I just NEED to get over this one and I just can't do it on my own..which is why I'm putting myself out there. :-)

I have been going over this site quite a bit and have learned alot. Nothing specific to my quest but have learned alot all the same.

Thank you for your response. I hope things improve for you. :-)