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I think this site is unique in canada. what goes on here though is solid advice from those who have been there and will help you too. You just have to take in the info/ideas build the plan and verify the rules in your neck of the country and do it. I believe you are able to divorce aperson who refuses outright - you file the right papers, you process him (he gets the court papers, hearing is set - he shows or the decision is made in his absence.

From what I have learned - you left. The process will happen in the place you first were seperated/where the kids are living. The fact you live out of province will mean your need to travel I think. I do not think you can get this all done from a distance. If you reask some specific questions and start a new thread you will get your questions answered. You are a strong willed woman (too bad you are so far away!) My experience is the opposite, for her the thought of working overtime is like (_______) a second job? Not going to happen but I can be proven wrong! I was the one to work 3 jobs, 70,80 and 90 hour weeks to get this family going - now I am lucky to get up in the morning, took me 8 days to get to the point I could drive across town (14 min) to get a flat fixed. Today was that day and my backside is screaming at this point! But it is done - I have to kick back a few days to catch up. Hard to be employable in my case - I would give my right arm for it...... Can't even do little jobs for the nieghbours (I do excelllent hands on work at my pace though) They are scared I will break and hurt myself and they do not want the responsability of (even though there is none - but I understand)

Remember your strength and resolve will get you through this. Stick around and become part of this site!! I welcome you!!