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Well I typed out this long thought out response and it didn't post for some reason.

So I am going to have to put this in short form. Sort of.

Yes, SK is where I needed to be I suffered from PTS after catching him bare butt and all. It rocked my world to the core.

I was a stay at home mom for 17 years. I had an excellent job with the Government and he was a muscian and I supported him for years.

He is very employable. If I can find work, in fact I work two jobs he should be able to find something. On paper I make more than him and he has been in the business for 15 years and part of the million dollar club. I only make about 40K and that is 2 jobs. I didn't start making decent money until 2009 and that is when it all changed. He got wind and our original agreement that we wrote up together and that sat in his drawer for 2 years was null and void.

I left a comfortable lifestyle with nothing and started new hardly knowing a soul. Yes, I was very broken. :-)

wow it really is difficult to lay it out how it all went down. Bottom line is after being bullied and having not enough money to really continue I was exhausted and just wanted it done. My lawyer did try and fight for this and that and wanted me to hire a financial investigator. He also said that this could go to court and I would have to pay his costs etc. My goal was to have any assests that I gain protected from him. I do not have that sort of money and honesty I wanted it done done done so I finally signed. I cashed in my RRSP's to pay this lawyer.

I had no bank account, no credit, nothing when I was with him. I ended up closing my account when I started staying at home. I have to say I am damn proud of myself that in 4 short years, I qualified for a car loan, and a small mtge. Something he said I would never be able to do.

I am concerned he got wind that I now own a condo and he wants a part of that too??? I am so paranoid I don't know what to think and I am literally losing sleep and it is affecting my work as of late.

I didn't want any of his blood money and since I left the kids, it is all theirs not mine. His assests and holdings are theirs. To me it felt like blood money.

So is signed and I am still married to him. UGH

I doubt it is emotional ties. He has had a girlfriend for 3 years.

I have only seen the kids about 4 times this year due to new debt and of course I am now paying child support.

Since there is already a file open in AB I am wondering if I can even open up a file in SK. I don't see why not since it was my lawyer that suggested it in the first place.

I have tried to find a SK forum like this but no luck. I hope there is some sort of council I can talk to before I proceed.

It is just so odd to me that when I started to press the issue last week and offered other options he got all worked up and started shooting me nasty emails. It just doesn't make sense. I am able to borrow money to get this done way cheaper than his lawyer can and he is still not interested. He said..what is the rush...why can't you wait until spring? How is spring going to make a difference?

I will just die if I am stuck married to him forever! It just can't be right

Thanks very much for your response.