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first thought I had before I read it was - you have the signed agreement and the lawyers have your money. The do it yourself route is the way to go I think. Doesn't sound right that you just gave up everything (I still believe the ideal of being able to split fair - but in the real world????)

Your questions re the opening up the can of worms - I think will always be there right until the last signature but here in Ontario we have the Family Court houses which we have access to the duty coucncil who are there not for advice but to answer your questions and then there is the help one can get to make sure the right paper work is filled correctly and served to the correct court and people too for that matter. Do you have similar in Saskatchewan?

Next is the Ex settling back and not out there as he was before - could this be a result of now having extra demands on his time taking care of both your children. It takes time and money to make money and maybe he has scalled back some for the kids. Again here in Ontario if you are able to prove that this is not the case and he is scaling back there is a process that has a fair income imputed to the ex spouse who has the education and abiltu to earn more - I never read the max being imputed but somewhere in the middle (something better than nothing???)

So question to you is how did you end up in your position being 6-8 hours apart? My kids are older but I read the issues of others with younger ones and the push 99 out of a hundred is to try and accomplish a 50/50 split custody/paranting arrangement as being the best for the kids - if the parents can get it done...... seems the happiest parents are indeed the one's who put aside those differences to allow good solid shared parenting. It must be hard driving this far every weekend to be with the kids but at the same time your reason for being where you are is what you need to do.

So not much in the way of solid answers. I know provinces are slightly different in some respects not so much in others. Curiosity question is: have you really tried to get to the bottom of why your ex hangs on? If you gave up your rights to the property settlement long ago and it appears your ex ahs full custody and it is working for your family (I assume this on you really did not bring up difficulties aside from the distance0 you pay your CS......... only thing left is emotional ties???