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Default Ex will not sign affidavit? Settlement signed

Hi and thanks in advance to all that respond. I AM DESPERATE!

He is in AB and he petitioned for divorce 4 years ago. I am in SK. After 4 years of back and forth I ended up giving it all to him as I ran out of $$ for lawyer. So, we now have the Minutes of Settlement signed by both parties. This was in February of this year.

All that is remaining is the ex to sign an affidavit and he won't because he said he owes his lawyer money and it will cost another $1,000-$1,500 to finish off the divorce. Therefore it hasn't even gone to the judge yet!!

I found alternatives and someone that can lend me money. I offered to pay for the divorce or at lesat asked him to ask his lawyer what $$ is required to get things final. The ex is not even willing to talk to his lawyer.

So, my lawyer said that his lawyer is ignoring her calls and I have now been advised that I can either file here in SK and it will cost me about $1500 that that my lawyer can get it done in about 3-6 months. Or I can get a divorce kit and just do it myself.

My fear is if I start it from SK and he is served, can he contest and open this entire can of worms again? Even though we have a divorce settlement signed?

He is now making noises that he wants more child support and does not take into consideration that it costs me $200 in gas alone to bring the kids (they are older) here. So with what it costs on top of what I am paying to him monthly is close to $500 as it stands.

I believe his fear is (being a realtor) he pulled himself out of the market to show hardship as he was always in the top 10 and the million dollar club. He has very high earning potential and I don't. I am sure the judge might see something there as well? Which I am ok with, because I want nothing but to be divorced!!!

Please someone give me some hope that I will not be married to him for ever!!

Thanks again!!

How can I get this done???? One signature away, 4 years of negotiations, $$$$ and he has put on the brakes?