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Originally Posted by LTD_Edition View Post
Our current 50/50 arrangement has been in place since I started the divorce proceedings more than 5 years ago. Now, that I am moving a little farther (about 15km), the ex wants to now go for full custody
Just to clarify:
- You currently have joint custody (i.e. joint decision-making on major issues), and split time roughly 50-50
- your ex now wants sole custody?
- your ex now wants more than 60% time?

Separate these 2 requests...
- If you've been able to cooperate sufficiently to make joint decisions for the last 5 years, then living 15kms apart will not affect that. Joint Custody will still work.
- If you can make your 50-50 schedule work without spending too much time in transit (especially on school nights), then again there is no reason to change it - or perhaps you can suggest some minor changes?

What SPECIFIC reasons to you think he might make for saying the current schedule or decision-making arrangements will break down?

What changes do YOU think would be required as a result of moving 15kms away? i.e. YOU should come up with a plan to ensure it works. (and perhaps there are no changes needed...)

Whose address will be used to determine school catchment areas i.e. would the kids change schools? That might be the big issue in his mind.