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Default Other side does a 180 and now seeks full custody from current 50/50

Our current 50/50 arrangement has been in place since I started the divorce proceedings more than 5 years ago. Now, that I am moving a little farther (about 15km), the ex wants to now go for full custody in an attempt to punish me and for no other purpose. The ex doesn't really even care that much for our children; he cares more about money and his possessions. However, my questions are as follows:

1. What judge in their right mind would change what already works if NOTHING regarding the kids will change? Same school, same friends, everything?
1.5 Don't the children get to have a voice (early teens).
2. What are the chances that everything backfires on my ex with the VERY damaging evidence we will be presenting at the motion? I'm tempted to have a CAS worker attend the motion to hear about the really dumb things/choices he has done/makes. Most of the ex doesn't even tell own lawyer about. BUT I DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!!!
3. Do the judges actually read through both sides of the motion documentation, or do they expect lawyers to give them the "Coles Notes" version?
4. What is the likelihood that things stay as they are, and a judge orders a lawyer for the kids?
5. What do judges think of people in the court room during the motion (they are good and will stay quiet)?
6. Doesn't existing law state that a long standing status quo should remain in place, particularly when it works just fine and that it is what the kids want anyway?