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Originally Posted by LondonFather View Post
Does this book of evidence have to be submitted to the other party before trial? I am looking to put a book of evidence together and there will be things included that have not been seen in the continuing record.

Do I need to fill out any specific forms, affidavits, serve the book of evidence before hand? etc. Thank you!
Just one important note for you from material titled as "Essentials of Trial Preparation".

The Trial Record - Rule 23
The trial judge is not provided with the continuing record from the case and will not read the contents of it (i.e., the continuing record is not before the trial judge and is not part of the trial record). The trial judge will be provided with the Trial Record, which is prepared, served and filed by the applicant (Rule 23 (1) and (2}) 30 days before the trial. Rule 23 sets out the documents which must be included in the Trial Record. The respondent can add material to the Trial Record by serving and filing a supplementary Trial Record 7 days before the trial.