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Default Farewell logicalvelocity

It is with great sadness, I inform this forum that logicalvelocity will post here no more. He took his own life as, he felt he had nothing left to feed this child custody litigation industry. He leaves behind a son and a daughter whom I got to know and, whom all he wanted was to support and be there for them in their is a quote from one of his last emails to me (I only removed the children's names, the rest speaks to his emotional state)... i was abondon by my own Dad and its something that haunted me all my life and my sister too I also think I will lose, i will also lost (son) and (daughter) i have nothing left to give my will to survive is gone I cant afford what they want...

I struggled for days trying to come up with a fitting eulogy. Even wondered if I should post this. I need to honor him as my friend that I met here, and now return here. How like many others, when I needed help; I got lucky befriending logicalvelocity to the extent that he enriched me and my circle so much...

This Industry Kills...stop the madness...I will miss you John