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The only thing I can say about this unofficial poll is that it is very hard.

I went through the whole initial separation and divorce on my own. After all, nobody really understood it; I certainly didn't.

I waited for my divorce issues to settle down and let the healing process work (eight years) before I found a new partner. I have been with her now for three years plus. Now that custody and support is in a major state of war, it is good to have a supporting partner that understands.

Also, in addition to the comments about this post, I have ALWAYS paid my child support. Even though my ex-wife blew it on every vice imaginable besides the kids and ended-up providing the items directly to them that child support was suppose to pay for, I always put the kids first. My ex did not put them first in the marriage, didn't put them first in divorce and now has not put them before her own selfish needs since she lost custody.

My ex-wife is a deadbeat mother, through and through, without any doubt!

In closing, I think the horrors of a high conflict divorce prohibit someone from getting the most out of a relationship, as was, and still is to some degree, in my own newer partner.