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I too was in, actually with our legal system am still in the abusive relationship. We are told that mental abuse is not acceptable and to leave because it is usually a precurser of physical. well the problem is that one doesn't have witnesses because of the shame, and the abuser is now quite educated to ensure that isolation occurs. I'm described as smart etc but guess what I let it happened - there is a child, I made a vow and I didn't want more people to be affected because of my lack of judgement. However, he is now outright lying via his lawyer, manipulating my daughter - to the point of tears and the legal system continues to serve him. People ask why we don't leave - because it's worse after you leave, there is no protection until after something final happens. I know with me I just want some protection mentally for my child but I can't stop him from seeing her because he's spouting off about his rights.
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