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Thumbs up Hi from Toronto...This forum is a GREAT idea!

Hi All,

Just a quick note to 'Jeff' to say thanks for creating this forum. Great Idea!

I'm a 38 year old guy raising my two kids (my daughter, now 14 and my son now 11) for the last 11 years.

I'm not a lawyer (that title was bestowed on my older brother by Osgoode some fifteen years ago ) but I was forced to become somewhat of an expert on the divorce process as a result of my situation.

My ex-wife has been paying me child support since our separation too.

Ok, now I"m going to brag (just a bit...ok?) My daughter just graduated at the TOP of her class from Forest Hill Junior High and is maintaining her grade in Forest Hill Collegiate this year My son, is a solid student and has been since I can remember.

Now - consider this... I'm an airline pilot...yes, I'm away a good bit of time and have been since my kids were very very young... Yes, I did have to have a 'nanny' for a few years and a lot of help from family. My 'ex' only saw the kids at most twice a month (her choice) and, unfortunately, continues to be an uninterested parent.

My kids are healthy, happy, very well adjusted, polite (well, except when I limit the amount of TV they watch etc. ) and I fully expect that they too will lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

I read a lot about how children of divorced families are prone to poor grades, psychiatric problems, drug abuse (when they get older) etc... I humbly submit that if the parenting is there - children can turn out well.

Anyhow, Jeff...thanks - Good luck and G-d bless.