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Nothing to it, nothing formal from the authorities. I used a covere; titled, who its from, Court file #, Volume number. They like to keep each book no thicker then an inch. Table of contents on the inside cover. Numbered tabs. Leave room on the table of contents page because the numbers may change as things become admissible or not. You can expect evidence to get confusing because, it will be entered at differing times from differing places i.e. the police were involved, they brought schit, it was entered into evidence. I had the court assistant provide me a list of evidence at the end of each day. That way, I was able to recall evidence later during trial by keeping this organized on a daily basis. I submitted 5 volumes at the beginning of trial, it was hacked down on the first day. When I resubmitted, each volume was signed a number with reference to the tab during trial. Made for homework on the first day. Arguments for evidence is supposed to happen before trial but, the other side wasn't prepared and...had a lawyer.

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