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[64] In the courtroom, there are certain rules of conduct. When you address the court, you should refer to the trial judge as "Your Honour". Please stand whenever the judge enters or leaves the courtroom and when you are speaking to the judge.
[65] When you are speaking to any witness, you should address them as Mr. or Ms. or Dr. as appropriate. Do not use their first name.
[66] Please stand whenever you wish to speak while court is in session. You should address your comments to the judge and not to the opposing party. Do not interrupt when the trial judge or someone else is speaking. Only one person will be allowed to speak at a time. You will have an opportunity to respond if an issue arises that impacts on you.
[67] The court registrar is responsible for tracking all documents that have been marked as exhibits. Should you wish a copy of an exhibit, please ask the registrar.
Hours of Sitting
[68] Court is in session from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. There is generally a break for lunch at 1 p.m. until 2:15 p.m. There will be a break in the morning and if needed, in the afternoon. These hours may change, depending on the discretion of the trial judge. Please be sure to come to court on time in the morning and after each break.
[69] You are encouraged to take notes about everything that takes place in the courtroom. You will probably prepare your cross-examination of a witness and your closing submissions on the basis of your notes.
Difficulties in Hearing a Witness
[70] If you cannot hear what a witness, the opposing party, counsel, or the trial judge says, you should let the trial judge know.
Further Assistance
[71] If you require further clarification on any matters discussed in this Memorandum, or any other matter relevant to the conduct of the trial, you may ask the trial judge. The trial judge will attempt to assist you to the extent that such assistance does not compromise trial fairness or the appearance of impartiality.
[72] A copy of this Memorandum will be marked for identification at the start of the trial and a copy will be given to the opposing party. The opposing party may, on notice to you, make any submission to the trial judge that they deem necessary to correct anything in this Memorandum that might be in error or that should have been included.