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At most what I can do with it to reduce it to 257kb and split to 3 pages/ part. And one more just rename file by removing ".zip" at the end. I just put it to have biggest limit for file size.

OK I decided to go one more step so we all will have that file nice and crisp. So I OCRed scanned document what fieldgrey provided. Clean it up a little bit. Created PDF again. So I went down from 7mb to 78kb. Still too big for the forum. So I added ".zip" what you can take out after download and enjoy.

OCR is not always 100% perfect - if you will spot something let me know I will fix it...

Thank you, Fieldgrey.

Originally Posted by Tiberious View Post
Hi there,
I can't seem to be able to open the file no matter what program I use. Is there any other way you can post it or send it? I am representing myself and would love to arm myself with more knowledge before going blindly to a trial.
May be I explained not clear or may be I explained not clear )....
I will try again.

Forum has limits for file size what you attach to post .zip file can be up to 97.7 KB and .pdf file can be up to 19.5 kb. File what I did from fieldgray scan is 78 kb.

So to be able to post it on form I rename file so forum engine will think it .zip. Basically I just add ".zip" to the file name. After you download it or when you choose file name from Save as dialogue from your browser remove ".zip" from file name and live ".pdf" as extension only.

At the end you have to have file memorandum_for_trial_self_represented_ontario_ocr. pdf whith will be opened by Adobe Reader or any other application what capable of working with PDF format.

Good luck.
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