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What you have there is someone who is used to doing all the decision-making in the household and doesn't realize it's now inappropriate, or someone who is not playing fair. Either way, you need to make sure to find neutral people to refer to for appraisals and assessments, and to hold your ground.

1) Gifts and inheritances are not included in equalization, but they have to be clearly for him, and not merged with the household. His grandfather's pocket watch smuggled back from the war? Not included. His mother giving your family her dining room table when she bought a new one? Asset. Gifts and inheritances should be clearly things that you would recognize as being meant for him only, not the family.

2) Get the book Surviving your Divorce, by Michael Cochrane. It has a sample separation agreement in the appendix. Also, the book is an EXCELLENT source of knowledge about the process. You'll learn more from reading it for a few hours than you will in a week of poring over this forum. Not that the knowledge isn't here, but it's not presented nearly as neatly!