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I picked up my son on Monday and am sending him back to her tomorrow in accordance to our access schedule. I lost 4 out of 6 days I was to have with him but I am not going to keep fighting her on this. My lawyer sent her a letter stating that if this happens again in the future we will be seeking makeup time and move to the courts for a Break order with costs.

I have asked my lawyer and the police repeatedly about enforcement clauses and they have said they are hard to get in the first place and hold no weight at all. I for one don't want to have the police showing up at either of our places as it's not healthy for the kids. I would rather collect proof of denials (ie. 3-5) and then move to the courts.

From my research it seems that enforcement clauses are not taken seriously. The police are not going to get kids back and don't have the power to charge people as it's a family court matter.

I hope she doesn't withold the kids again but I'm sure she will and I will be updating this post again in a weeks time.