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It has been four days of denied access and she has given me "permission" to pick up my son from daycare tomorrow. I followed HammerDad's advice and sent her emails each day stating that I do not agree with the decision, that I am a fully capable parent, and asking what time I pick up my son. I also requested medical information pertaining to my son and she has provided next to no information. All she would tell me was the doctors last name, I won't include the name of the doctor but it's a very common name making it impossible to find out which one he went to. All she would tell me was that my son saw a doctor and would not provide his contact information or the name of the prescription he was given. On top of the denial of access I came across evidence that my ex was at work two of the nights my son was kept from me.

I let her screw up for four days and have all of it documented in writing. I don't think any judge would look highly upon her decision.

I have strong suspicions that she will deny access to both children the next time they are schedule to be with me.

My lawyer will get an update Monday morning and I'll go from there. All of this is costing a lot of money.

Thanks for all the advice, I'll let you know how it all turns out.