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The response is very much appreciated.

While I have spoken to two different lawyers on various matters, both seemed similarily puzzled with the document we had signed. That being said, the document was signed over a year ago and it has remained status quo since that time. Both of the legal opinions I obtained (costly, as only one was free) mirror what you have stated above.

Child support payments will be normalized by the end of the month as she has finally provided me with income information. This will also be supported by the living arrangment forms which we signed showing us as having shared custody of the children since the time of separation.

As for her moving the children, I have contacted the school board and advised them of our joint custody arrangement.

At this point, as it is, it really is a matter of formalizing our arrangements. I had, mistakenly so, been under the impression that what we had signed carried more weight than it does.

Thanks again