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More info:

As for Child Support, she doesn't have to push for it. As it is, i've been the one walking us through setting up the payments.

"Did you both have independent legal advice when you did this? How long were you married for? Did either of you give up a career for the other? Did she quit working and stay at home? What kind of education does she have and would she be capable of earning a living? Does she currently work? Full or part time? How much does she earn? How much do you earn? Who currently collects the CCTB/UCCB? Did you file form RC65 with CRA yet?"

- affidavit was signed with a lawyer but without independant legal advice
- affidavit not filed with courts
- married eight years
- we have both worked, consistently, full time, throughout the marriage and continuing still (neither of us staying at home at any point)
- both university educated
- we earn within 10k of each other - $76/$86
- filed the RC65 last year
- paperwork for CCTB/UCCB in but payements have yet to be split