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Get a family friend to do the exchanges. Hell, see if there is a service that operates in the area that can do the exchanges for you. I know here in New Brunswick there are a couple of transport companies vetted by CPS.

She shouldn't get a say in WHO picks up the kids. It's YOUR access time, transport is YOUR issue. As long as they are transported safely, etc there should be ZERO issues. (easier said than done I know)

Email her lawyer and say you have made arrangements for X to do the exchanges for you until the criminal matter is settled, and that you expect the children to be provided as per the existing status quo, that refusal to follow the existing access arrangements constitutes denial of access and you will take appropriate measures if such occurs.

Don't give them choices, that's where you are making a mistake. You give her a choice in the matter and she's going to choose the option that screws you over the best. Take a stand for your kids, and tell her how it is.

I'd recommend using a 3rd party company, that way if she actively refuses to hand them over, you can have them provide it in writing that she denied access. Then you take that and file a contempt motion and ask for a police enforcement clause in your access arrangements.

You don't need HER permission to see YOUR children.