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I will admit that after my first few posts I had more than a little sniffle. It hurt to get that kind of reality check. But there was nothing rude about anyone's response, it had everything to do with me not being able to see things from the other side. Some of those "rude" posters were the ones that gave me that reality check and it was the best thing for me.

If you think posters are being unnecessarily harsh, you can report them to the admins. But I urge everyone to try to read responses objectively, and try to understand the advice they are being given. Nobody really wants to be here and I think we are all here to help others as much as ourselves (sometimes more).

If that harsh reality check helps you to avoid being ripped apart by a judge, spending thousands unneccessarily on lawyers and court costs, it's worth a little wounded pride. Remember, none of us are perfect.

Merry Christmas!

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