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I received an email on Sunday night from my ex stating that my son was sick and would not be attending school, which is fine. Last night I got another email from my ex, asking to arrange pick-up of my son stating that he had stayed with her father as she need to go to work. We had made arrangements to have him dropped off at a half way point, at my spouses work.

Today, we received another email stating that my son was still sick and that he was going to a doctors appointment with my ex's father. After getting that email, my spouse left work and traveled to the doctor's office to meet my ex's father and pick-up my son.

My spouse stayed for the appointment and was told by my ex's father afterward that my son was not coming home with her.

This is the first time I have been denied access by my ex however she has threatened it before.

My question to you is what do I do about this?