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Hopefully you have not been thru all what had happened to me. Yes most brag about mediation but run to court or to a lawyer as soon it does not go their way. I did not say all women make up story of abuse , rape, harassment or violence but here having been victim of such a story I was amazed when I went to pre trial all the people that had been accused of such act. You have to be in the context that when we did the preliminary and she was brought to court, she did not make sense. But still the crown attorney (a women) drag it all the way to pretrial and there the crown attorney dropped all charge. By then it was too late all my house had been empty of its content. I was accused of rape, harassment (arrested right away and put in jail). Rape was when we were together as one night she did not feel like having sex apparently before entering the room, and when we did had sex she asked me to stop which I did. The sle reason where she said that she was not thinking about having sex when entering the room was look as rape. Of course during our relationship we have seldom ask even when it was her initiating sex. See in court there was so many cases at pretrial that was similar to my case.

The twist in all that is that the crown attorney pushed that I make a donation and everything would be dropped, a donation to the same agency that my ex went to and which I refused.

Yes the court see the men as cash cow and also the women that uses it. I never said that mediation was not helpfull, In my case it only happen when she saw that her lawyer being paid by the province would not longer be able to continue as they have a certain amount of hours in most case. So they quickly try to settle but only after the criminal charge were dropped, as they tried to get the house.The province guideline is not something that are follow in court so do not imagine you go to court and what you paid for is yours under common law.

Me the reasonable thing to do would be for a judge to force mediation and the first thing that should occur is that the mediator tell the right of each under the law. This will reduce stupid court time.
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