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I find strange that there is people here (mostly women) that go and brag about mediation when in the majority of cases the women are the first to go to a lawyer before even trying to mediation. And in some case when they learn of the rights of each party they do not hesitate to make up a story of abuse, rape and whatever they can think of to get an advantage thru criminal court as the police will immediately arrest the man. That is where they believe that the have gain the upper hand and try to appropriate the most they can. I wish there was a day when the people that make false accusation are process thru the justice system with the equal penality of what their accusation may have lead to. I have work hard for my money and to reach where I am now, I just wish some women would do the same and stop taking men for a cash cow. There is a reason why sopme women fight for equality and this means that there would be a split 50/50 and that there should not be any spousal support or consideration where the women are better at raising a child.
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