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What about this, women often file criminal complaint to gain an advantage for family court. Hapeened to me where I was accused of rape 3 days before she was to move out as per her lawyer letter. And this related to a year before as we had sex one night but stopped because her arm hurt. So she simply said that it was not what she had in mind when she entered the bedroom, and the wheels from there on just kept on rolling. Of course my version of the fact was never asked by police which immediately throw me in jail on the sole word of a vengeful ex. Of course there was never any rape and they kept dragging this even when at preliminary we brought her in for questionning and say that I stopped when she asked me, of course I stopped as we always did when one of us did not feel like continuing. What kept it going was that we never asked if the other wanted to have sex. This we had done frequently during our relationship we never really ask point blank it just happened. So what next i loss my house even if this was under my name, and the family law judge made all kingd of mistake as there was work to be done on the house so he authorized me going there as long as she was not there. So i got slap for breaking my condition which again did not go nowhere. I kick her out with the court but she had already taken everything and got slap again for breaking my condition as I did not know where she went. She was living in front of my bank and the post office. My point really here is that someone recommended to her that she filed criminal charge, even if they were untrue. Later they asked me to make a donation to the same agency for women that she was with. Now you know who was telling her to file criminal charge. Of course the crown attorney would never get her for lying even when there was proof.
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