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I just have a question regarding the recent pay stubs. I've asked this before I think but it's hard to get a cut and dry answer...

Let's say my paystub income for last year was $50,000 but my T4 shows my income as $56,000 (from overtime). My current paystubs shows my salary being now $52,000 (yearly raise). My income for 2004 was $60,000 but my paystub income was $54,000 (I changed position in 2005 which resulted in a paycut). In 2003 my income was $55,000 and my paystub was $52,000

So what should my child support be based on (there is no court order yet). Right now I'm paying based on $50,000 but as I have to give my assesment and current pay I'm not sure what it goes upto. Also because I've switched jobs I'm not going to get the same overtime as I was previously.

I've heard that if there is a difference then you take the last three years. Which would mean
2003 - $55,000
2004 - $60,000
2005 - $56,000
2006 - $52,000 (paystub)

The average of that is $55,750 - would that be what I'm ordered to pay or would I pay on my new payscale of $52?