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Default Changing Child Support

I know this question may have been asked but I could not for the life of me find it anywhere.
Situation in a nutshell
Common-law for 4 years, separated two years ago, we have a separation agreement and court order for child support.
He is wanting to take me back to court because I did not let him have our son on christmas eve last year. Child support is going to be changed because his job changed and thats ok, but can he change it without applying to the court in Ontario? His lawyer says all he needs is 2 consecutive pay stubs but my argument with that is he can just not work all his hours for 2 weeks? He is supposed to supply me with his tax return which he chooses not to do as well but thats life I suppose. He is married now and even tells me that she can have visitation if he ever (heaven forbid) passes away. The question with that is she obligated to pay child support as well? (not an important question, my mother brought it up so I thought I would ask)

Thanks so much in advance for any advice.